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ZEO® Lite


ZEO® Description


ZEO® is a new material developed successfully by TMIT with the natural mineral of zeolite, applied in various products including ZEO® starch glue, packaging that maintains food freshness, harmful gas absorbing agents, and moisture remover.


ZEO® is an environmentally friendly product for various industrial uses in terms of reducing paper usage and eliminating harmful chemicals. ZEO® can provide significant strength enhancement in corrugated cardboard in terms of adhesion and box compression, and enhance humidity absorption and freshness.


ZEO® Features

  1. Gives packaging the ability to absorb moisture in order to minimize food spoilage.

  2. Gives packaging the ability to absorb gases such as ethylene and agricultural chemical residues.

  3. Reinforces glue's adhesive power and enhances box compression strength.



ZEO® Application

1.Starch adhesion reinforcing agent for corrugated cardboards

  • ZEO® Modified Starch Powder: used for fluting operation.

  • ZEO® Ready Mix Glue Powder: suitable for color printed box on fully gelled lamination process.

  • ZEO® Modified Glue Enhanced Powder: for using with fluting or lamination paper glue.


→ Superior Bonding Strength.

→ Functional Absorption and Humidity Moderator.

→ Intensity Enhancement.

2.Reinforced buffer material for fiber boards or papers

3.ZEO® Box
Made of ZEO® corrugated cardboard, used for: - packaging of fresh foods to maintain food freshness - general merchandise boxes with enhanced holding strength and moisture adsorption.

4.ZEO® Hangers
FSC certified paper combined with ZEO® non-toxic glue for hangers and hooks and many other applications.

All ZEO® recipes are in full conformity with 94/62/EC, CONEG/TPCH, and new RoHS regulation.

All ZEO® recipes are in full conformity with 94/62/EC, CONEG/TPCH, and new RoHS regulation.

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