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ZEO® Box


ZEO® is a patented product developed by CJCHT/TMIT for sustainable and eco-friendly applications. By use of a unique and proprietary nanotechnology, ZEO® solution works by converting natural stone powder to suitably become integrated into starch glue of corrugated cardboard/box structure. ZEO® powder consists of natural porous stone, and can be applied in various products including corrugated cardboards, plastics, rubbers and detergents to improve the appearance and the physical properties of the products. More specifically for corrugated cardboards, plastic and rubber industries, ZEO® powder can significantly absorb the molecules of noxious chemicals and smells, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and toxic in the air.

ZEO® corrugated cardboards carry significant features of anti-humidity and anti-corrosion, and have better and stronger intensity performance in adhesion, burst strength and box compression tests, which would enhance the preservation of the boxes and provide an effective solution for weakness of traditional corrugated cardboards. It is highly recognized by customers who use ZEO® cardboards for requirements of strong intensity, highly anti-humidity or absorption of chemicals, especially for those boxes made for agricultural products, fish storage, rubber shoes (normally with unpleasant odor during shipments) and boxes for sweaters, etc.


"Color laminated box" and "corrugated box" are both suitable for this ZEO® technology. 


  1. Anti-humid and anti-corrosive

  2. Stronger intensity and better storage capability

  3. Cost Down and Profit created

  4. Safe and Eco-friendly Programmable and multi-functional


Novel four-layer ZEO® enhanced cardboard structure

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