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PDQ & Pallets

PDQ or Retail Point of Purchase (POP) Displays


ZEOPDQ designs and produces a wide range of PDQ or POS displays, based on its green solution: ZEO® technology, to reinforce corrugated cardboards. Leveraging from our parent company:, we offer special expertise in footwear, kitchenware, hardware, liquor, sporting goods, electronics, and cosmetics – just to name a few.

What is PDQ?


PDQ means a Product Display Quickly by paper pallet or tray to show your goods without boxes in the store.

Innovative Technology and Design


We have the experience and resources to help: (1) merchandising program; (2) seasonal promotion; (3) display for a prominent product. ZEOPDQ’s expert structural and graphic design teams understand US, China and European retail channels, consumer habits and product presentation.

PDQ 3E-01.png


For PDQs, robust water resistant structural features make ZEO® solutions unbeatable in the marketplace.

Paper Pallets



  • ZEO® Paper Pallet has the good environmental protection, uses the environmentally-friendly materials.

  • Better customs (clearance) operations: Since December 2009, the Europe and the United States Customs (Department) are all made the scene to examine the container pallets, if not qualified (failure) is to be destroyed: The use of ZEO® Paper Pallet, air waybill added(indicated): "NO SOLID WOOD PACKING MATERIAL" will speed up customs clearance.

  • Good shockproof and high load: The corrugated paper characteristic enables the product to have the good shockproof effect, ZEO® Paper Pallet advanced design to cause this to be possible to withstand the moving load below 2000KG weight, static load can be reached at 5000KG.

  • ZEO® Paper Pallet can be saved to the wood pallet be destroyed pays 100-300 US dollars, as well as the destruction of commodity inspection expense.

  • Light weight, paper pallets 1 m2 about 7-10 kg, compared to 1 m2 glue Pallet indeed about 13.5-17 kg, especially in air transport, in particular a significant economic.

  • Specification entire, around fork, four sides fork, no matter what you select, and according to your various requirements of the production of different specification products.

  • The factories are the ISO-9001 certification.

  • The factory equipment is currently able to:(3 of) 1.5M slitting rewinding Machines 3 ,(4 of) the 1.5M completely automatic protects angle paper production line 4, 1.5 million meters pet per month.

  • Application sectors: Computer industry, monitors, transformers, circuit board, electronic wires, precision instruments ...and so on.

  • The product sells areas Zhujiang Delta, Shanghai, Suzhou, Kunshan, and so on.

  • At present, CJCHT Group all the supply chain, from 2009 onwards, should be the sustainability requirements of WalMart, has been used for ZEO® Paper Pallet.


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For PDQs&ZEO®Paper Pallet, robust water resistant structural features make ZEO® solutions unbeatable in the marketplace.


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