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About Us
NANOZEO Since 2008

Being a relatively young family member of CJCHT Group (Walmart best suppliers of the year of 2008 and 2009 respectively), NANOZEO Inc. is serving as the R&D lab and green technology development center for related supply chains, and has been well recognized by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and green solutions patented for ZEO/FreshMagic technologies.
TMIT/NANOZEO operates in an efficient research integrated with supply chain network, including 2 well-know universities in Taiwan (NTU and NCTU), one R&D lab, two sampling rooms in PRC (Fujian and Shanghai) and 22+ manufacturing arms in Taiwan and China.


TMIT members pride themselves of the green ambassadors in every industry. We are able to provide synergistic values by our leverages of long term supply chain in China for packaging design and manufacturing services, CDP to Carbon Neutral integrated services and green solutions and product development.


We have measured all our efforts not only by monetary returns but also in terms of green numbers associated with. We treasure any possible saving of materials and reducing of toxic chemicals. All the efforts herewith will be valued and measured by a third party, like Clear Carbon Technology and/or WalMart.

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