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Meet The Team


Clare Chen

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Co-Founder & CJCHT Chairman

Chairman of CJCHT Group ​

Chairman of Taipei New Chorus Culture and Art Foundation

Chairman of Kehua Foundation

Chairman of Vocal Asia Music Association


Raymond Wang

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President & CEO, Nanozeo Inc.
Senior Director, CJCHT Group

President & CEO, Nanozeo Inc.
Senior Director, CJCHT Group

Bachelor and Master of Industrial Engineering from Chiaotong University, Taiwan (NCTU). 
Raymond Wang has been highly recognized in Taiwan as a patent attorney at Tsar&Tsai International Law Firm, and was a head of the intellectual property department of a semiconductor company. He was a founding partner of CID Venture Capital, and has been actively involved with many startups in high tech areas. 
Raymond Wang has focused on sustainability and green strategy planning since 2008 via Nanozeo Inc. He dedicates to circular economy in execution, assistance in new ventures, industrial cooperation and joint efforts on inclusive and shared values, and anti-counterfeiting.
In 2021, Raymond Wang with CJCHT/NANOZEO announces a commitment of Science-based Target for 1.5c, and explores aggressive carbon reduction solutions in energy and packaging savings.


Charles Chen

R&D Manager

Manager of First R&D Department.Master of Physics. Served as a research and development unit of Hsinchu Science Park, a semiconductor company, and a foreign measurement instrument company.Expertise in technology research and development and testing.


Ali Ke

R&D Manager

Manager of Second R&D Department .Master of Chemistry.Served as Director of Market Application and Design Department for 3 years and Manager for 6 years.Specializes in new things and material research, customer demand communication, product packaging application, reducing the environmental burden of packaging design, manufacturer training and communication.


Cherry Wu

Director of Design Department

Director of Design Department / Assistant of NANOZEO Business Department.Bachelor of Visual Communication Design.Served as tourism cultural and creative product design and development, department store group customer service and counter department sales, and children's product project art design.Expertise in art design, graphic illustration design, multimedia production.


Grace Liu

Administration Department Manager

Manager of Administration Department.Bachelor of Information Management. Served as assistant of international trading company and engineering department. NANOZEO Human Resources HR Management and Finance Manager.


Guanghong Yeh

Engineering Deputy GM

Deputy GM of Production and Engineering Department.

College graduation.

Served as the production department/equipment department/warehouse department in Shanghai Jingfeng Paper Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Wangyang Paper Co., Ltd. The current CJCHT Group-ZEO Green Environmental Protection Department is responsible for outsourcing technical guidance.


Pelin Zhang

Business Manager

First Business Manager / South China / zeotags / zeogreens.

University graduation.

Served as the business director of CJCHT shoe department.The current CJCHT Groups-ZEO sustainable development department, responsible for packaging in South China. ZEOTAGS and ZEOGREENS business. His expertise is quality inspection, customer business integration and coordination.

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Jennifer Lee

Business  Manager

Second Business Department Deputy Manager / East China /zeopdq /zeocarton.

Served as Nanjing Xiaoqiao Liushui Environmental Protection Company.The current CJCHT-ZEO green environmental protection department, responsible for the management of packaging business in East China. Specializes in developing and designing overall packaging needs and shipping, graphic design, and packaging design for quickly cooperating with customers.


Horace Xia

Chief Media Officer

NANOZEO Media Chief. Graduated from University Journalism.Former General Manager of Newspaper Media, executive vice president,report and editorial director.Specialize in new media executive production, sales and advertising marketing project management.

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