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Plastic Wire Coils

ZEO® Plastics

ZEO® Plastics

ZEO® plastics are characterized as freshness preservation, chemicals absorption/reduction and wear resistance etc. by means of ZEO® powder being mixed with plastic materials to make various ZEO® plastic particles, which can be made of colorful concentrate as required, to produce different ZEO® plastic products for a wide range of applications such as:

  • ZEO® plastic bags with significant abilities of freshness preservation, odor removal and anti-mold, which can be applied for anti-odor trash bags and FreshMagic® plastic bags for preservation.

  • ZEO® outsoles with abilities of wear resistant enhanced and odor removal, which can be applied for slippers, slides and shoes, etc.

ZEO® Plastics Process


Tests & Applications


ZEO® Plastic Bags & FreshMagic® Agricultural/Mulch Films & FreshMagic® Plastics general DM

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