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ZEO® Tags


To use unique biotech ZEO-DNA anti-counterfeit technology to make special and exclusive ZEO®-DNA sequential code (>1,000,000 base pairs) for each individual client, and provide a complete ZEO®-DNA anti-counterfeit total solution based on the needs of the client. And there is an instant detection and DNA test by any third party lab.


To use one-code dual-effect QR code combined with Product ID, digitized password to avoid being imitated or copied. The product ID can be associate specific areas or factories or products by digits to achieve traceable and anti-counterfeiting function. And the tags can be extended to quality warranty and various promotional activities. GLOBAL ID TAGS are loved and adopted by large customers and brands.

Electronic products Serial number TAGS

To use product’s existing serial number combined with anti-counterfeiting check code or one-code dual-effect QR code to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting, and the serial number can quickly bind the product information in batches, which is convenient and time-saving for shipping. There are tags separately labeled on each product’s color box and outer carton with serial number and a check code which can be used as the unique logistics identification of the product, to avoid the serial number being easily copied. The tag labeled on product is added a QR code with a one-code dual-effect function. To scan the QR code to enter the functions of anti-counterfeiting query and member warranty, etc. for brand commercial warranty application.

Anti-Metal RFID TAGS

A flexible additional function for anti-counterfeiting tag is an anti-metal interference RFID, multi-function, two-way two-in-one coding. Features: Anti-counterfeiting system + customer’s existing ERP system. RFID tags can be used with automatic storage system or manual code scanning, and compatible with existing systems. RFID tags are widely used in metal products, cookware and thermos mugs, etc.

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