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​● Material

● Carton

● Hanger

● PDQ & Pallets


ZEO® lite

ZEO® is a new material developed successfully by TMIT with the natural mineral of zeolite, applied in various products including ZEO® starch glue, packaging that maintains food freshness, harmful gas absorbing agents, and moisture remover.


ZEO® Carton 

ZEO® is a patented product developed by CJCHT/TMIT for sustainable and eco-friendly applications. By use of a unique and proprietary nanotechnology, ZEO® solution works by converting natural stone powder to suitably become integrated into starch glue of corrugated cardboard/box structure.

Paper Hanger

FSC certified paper, ZEO® reinforced adhesives.

Environmental-protection value: FSC certified paper is selected as the paper material to protect the forest.

PDQ & Pallets

For PDQs, robust water resistant structural features make ZEO® solutions unbeatable in the marketplace.

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● ZEO Plastics

● FreshMagic Bag

● ZEO Tags

● Adalis Tape

● Solutions

Plastic Wire Coils

ZEO® Plastics

ZEO® plastics are characterized as freshness preservation, chemicals absorption/reduction and wear resistance etc.


FreshMagic® Bag

MA/MH (Modified Atmosphere and/or Modified Humidity as designed), Maintain Freshness, Absorb specific gases.

Adalis™ Tape

To be able to further reinforce the box compression intensity for corrugated cartoons, we highly recommend our ZEO® boxes to be integrated with reinforcement tapes like Adalis™ Tapes.


ZEO® Tags 

ZEO® packaging is embedded with non-toxic packaging materials made of boxes and plastic bags. By its reinforcement features and combined with newly introduced Biotech Anti-counterfeit solutions (ZEO®-DNA), ZEO® boxes are certified by Wal Mart and Clearcarbon technology to reduce CO2 in supply chain and carbon footprints. 


ZEO® Solutions
Providing Integrated Packaging Solutions for Sustainable Packaging Challenges

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Sustainability at CJCHT&ZEO is an integrated core of our business, helping propel us to be a better company. There is still a long way to go – and we can’t get there alone. We are committed to finding our own path, with our supply chain, toward changing the world for a better and sustainable future.

Raymond Wang


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