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PDQ/Color Packaging – design & free engineering loading evaluations – for brand customers to promote

NANOZEO’s core values of sustainable packaging reside in innovative research and cost-effective solution development. Spin-off from Parent Company: CJCHT Group, NANOZEO team have succeeded in many challenging packaging needs of: (a) replacement materials R & D and (b) designs to achieve significant results or excel original design in western markets but need to be manufactured in Asia supply chain. Typical expectation and words of mouth from existing customers are:(1) good manufacturing quality checking procedure; (2) practical evaluation and assembly simulation;(3) strong, anti-humidity carton box, not easy to collapse.

NANOZEO team can deliver cost effective high quality boxes of design aesthetic for display, or complicated PDQ box with assembly limitations in mind, where international customers can be able to deliver unprecedented value-added goods to their customers by one of the best international packaging team in China.

NANOZEO packaging design team can offer complete services from design to production, in addition to just follow original designs. By use of exclusive ZEO® bonding technology, a better and stronger cardboard structure can be expected and applied to help customers produce more solid appearance of display and sale box.


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