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Updated: Nov 24, 2021

We believe sustainability won't cost you but save you.

Who we are and how it works? We are a group of companies to support green and sustainable packaging by using ZEO® solutions. From PCF (Process Chemicals Free) to TCF (Total Chemicals Free) is our goal. We need your help and participating to make our earth better.

ZEO® are developed by CJCHT group who supplies Wal Mart, Target, JC Penny, Tesco, etc. as their major sourcing suppliers for shoes and packaging materials. It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and E-platforms to save paper/plastics and to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining a non-toxic recipe requirement in the process with cost maintained. ZEO® Clients: ● WALMART● TARGET ● COSTCO ● Loblaws Inc. ● EKS ● TGI● Heys● THERMOS ZEO® China Factories: ● 揚州嘉利達包裝材料有限公司 Yang Zhou Jia Li Da Paper Corp. ● 東莞市駿安紙品有限公司 Dongguan City Jun An Paper Article Co. (同時具備冷貼技術) ● 聯盛(莆田)彩印有限公司 LIANSHENG (PUTIAN) OFFSET PRINTING CO., LTD.● 江蘇四方包裝紙業有限公司 JIANGSU SIFANG PAPERPACKING CO., LTD. ● 上海景條印刷有限公司 Shanghai Jintyo Printing Co., Ltd. ● 仪征市美优纸业有限公司 Meiyou Paper Packing Co., Ltd.● 莆田市鑫祥股份有限公司 Putian Xinxiang Co., Ltd.● 福建省長樂市僑隆福利包裝彩印有限公司 Fujian Changle Qiaolong Welfare packaging color printing Co., Ltd. ● 莆田市大盛包装有限公司 PUTIAN DASHENG PAPER CO., LTD.● 莆田百旺工贸有限公司 Putian Baiwan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.● 扬州文悦包装材料有限公司 Yangzhou Wenyue Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.● 福清市双强塑胶制品有限公司 Fuqing Shuangqiang Plastic Products Co., Ltd.● 杭州恩成纸塑有限公司 Hangzhou Encheng Paper Plastic Co., Ltd.● 杭州富阳雪芬塑料制品有限公司 Hangzhou Fuyang Xuefen Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

ZEO® Taiwan Factories: ● 潮程科技有限公司 Chao Cheng Co., Ltd. ● 百助紙業股份有限公司 Bai Ju Paper Co., Ltd. ● 樺興紙品有限公司 Hua Shin Co., Ltd. ● 安榮紙器股份有限公司 An Rong Co., Ltd. ● 東樺紙業有限公司 Dong Hua Box Co., Ltd. ● 宇竑彩色印刷有限公司 Yu Hong Co., Ltd. For more ZEO® information, please call: China Area NANOZEO Inc. / Shanghai Office 7F, Kunyang Bldg., No.798, Zhao Jia Bang Rd., Xu Hui District, Shanghai 200030, China (Map) Tel: +86-21-5129-8616 #801/802/803 Sales Department for Pelin / Jennifer Fax: +86-21-6467-0653 Pelin Mobile: +86-137-3828-7571 E-mail: ;

Taiwan Area NANOZEO Inc. / Hsinchu Office 11F-5, No.65, Gaotie 7th Rd., Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 30273, Taiwan, R.O.C. (Map) Tel: +886-3-658-9912 for Grace / Ali Fax: +886-3-658-9242 E-mail: ; ; Technology


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